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Derrick Crane
Buy from us industrial derrick crane for use in mines, construction areas and other industries to lift loads and move them in vertical or horizontal directions. Our company supplies A-frame type of derrick. 
Wire Saw Machine
Material cutting can be done by the process of diamond wire cutting. This process can be carried out using wire saw machine that supports wire of different sizes. Diamond abrasive can only cut material that are softer than it. 
Gantry Crane
Gantry crane is used for safe and efficient shifting and lifting of different material. This kind of crane is developed in different sizes, capacities and technical specifications.  
Gang Saw

Whether you want to cut wood log, concrete slab, granite or marble, you can use one single machine called gang saw. This cutting machine uses multiple blades to cut the workpiece into multiple widths.

EOT Crane

Industrial applications in which it is necessary to lift and move heavy loads safely and quickly, EOT crane there plays a major role. Based on advanced technology, this crane is easy to repair and maintain because of its accessible components.